Matt Badiali: The Natural Resource Expert

Matt Badiali is a scientist with a bachelor’s degree in earth sciences which he pursued at the Penn state university. Matt is also a graduate of the Florida Atlantic University where he acquired his masters of science in geology. He holds a Ph.D. which he acquired after spending five years in the North Carolina University. Badiali serves as the editor of a monthly investment advisory that basically targets natural resources called S&A Resource Report. Mainly, they focus on natural resources like precious metals, oil and gas.

Having a wide experience of over two decades as a natural resource expert, Banyan hill Publishing company hired Matt Badiali to play that role there. The company enjoys his great experience in inspecting mines, working on drill rigs, speaking on behalf of the company during geological conferences, making recommendations on investment opportunities, and also making consultations from the environmental companies. Follow Matt Badiali on

According to Matt Badiali, many consider Gold and silver as superior metal and forget about zinc. He explains that zinc metal has a variety of uses and it’s found in many items including smartphones, batteries, tractor turbines, cosmetics, computers, surgical tools, boats, automobiles, and airplanes among others. He further explains that zinc is largely used in the field of medicine as scientists are using it to fight low blood pressure, diabetes, depression, hair loss, and vision improvement.

Matt Badiali says that the worst is currently happening as not even a single Zinc deposit has been discovered since 1990. Research has shown that lately the demand of the metal is higher than the supply. This is as a result of most of the zinc mines depleting their load. Once the zinc market is facing a big supply crunch, the cost will definitely rise hence those who invested in zinc metal will be the greatest beneficiaries. He also advices on the search of this commodity as its prices shall soon rise. Follow Matt on Medium.

Matt Badiali had an exclusive interview with Ideamensch where he talked about his idea for the startup newsletter. He said that writing a newsletter especially about investing in natural resources demands an unusual skill set. He added it’s mandatory for one to comprehend markets, companies and science, and also finance. This is definitely fit for him based on his education and experience. Badiali said that focusing at one thing at a time is what that makes him productive as he is able to block out destructions to get his job exemplarily done.


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