NewsWatch TV: Reviews and Information

NewsWatch TV, founded in 1989, has provided thousands of episodes of a thirty minute segmented television program across over 200 broadcasting networks around the United States. Airing on ION Television as well as AMC, the content ranges from new products, political events, travel and tourism to the latest medical information and breakthroughs.

In the last few years of the NewsWatch TV programs, several celebrities have served as guests on the show. Ranging from actresses, to olympians, to performers, there continues to be a large variety of guests which has the potential to appeal to several different audiences across the United States. Some celebrities on past episodes of NewsWatch TV include performer Carrie Underwood, actress Julianne Moore, Nascar racer Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Olympian Carl Lewis.

One of NewWatch TV’s latest efforts is the Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign. The original goal of this campaign was to raise $10,000 over a span of thirty days. Avanca was in need of heavy marketing efforts in order to reach this goal. Therefore, Avanca hired NewsWatch TV in order to produce a sixty second promotional clip in order to promote their campaign to a larger audience base.

In conclusion, the campaign was largely successful. The orginial goal of $10,000 was shot out of the water by the end amount skyrocketing to $456,551 in the timespan of thirty days. The effort provided by NewsWatch TV Reviews reached over 96 million households, which ultimately gave Avanca the platform it needed to promote the successful and overachieved crowdfunding campaign.

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