Nick Vertucci making a killing in poker as well as real estate

Nick Vertucci is well known in the real estate circles as he is a self-made realtor who built his reputation by flipping houses in California. He made a debut into the industry in the year 2000 after a change of mind which saw him try out his skills in the business. He later found a mentor and after following in his path and studying consistently became active in the venture. His approach saw him found a real estate academy, an educational center for those interested in entering the world of real estate. It is not known by many, but Nick Vertucci is a well-seasoned poker player. He has competed against renowned poker players such as Kenny Tran and the likes of him.

Nick Vertucci began playing way back before he even was a real estate investor. The year 2004 saw him play in a major tournament at Commerce in California. He emerged the eighth out of two hundred and fifty-one. He bought into the table with a thousand five hundred dollars and went away with over seven thousand five hundred and some change. Over the years he has sharpened his poker game at the same time as he was building his property development business.

He has a cocktail of traits when it comes to poker as he has great emotional control, adapts to the way the game is moving and an ability to see behind his opponent’s true intentions. There is always uncertainty in any business. Variables in both his ventures cannot be realized until the end. It is in his character to still play the hand that he has been dealt and it is with this attitude that Nick Vertucci has managed to tough it out in real estate because it is not for the faint-hearted. A lesson we can all learn from him.

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