LocationSmart Could Change The Way You Do Business

The technology behind the IP geolocation services from LocationSmart is changing the way companies do business and helping them move forward into the future in many different ways.

Almost everyone with a smartphone is connected to the internet practically all of the time and each device that is connected is assigned a unique number known as an IP address by the network that they are on.

The information included in the IP data is mainly used by the network to identify the different users and the activity connected with them, but many businesses are discovering that it can be applied to their benefit as well after receiving consent from users for access.

There are many different applications that LocationSmart can be used for and the company is happy to discuss these with customers who are interested in using their platform.

There are a lot of companies with protected data and LocationSmart can help to keep these assets safe from unauthorized access using LocationSmart. When it comes to digital content, it’s important to be able to control who gets access to if you want to be able to make a profit.

If your content is pirated and distributed through unauthorized channels, it becomes almost impossible to be able to make money from. By using the services provided by LocationSmart, companies are able to protect their assets so they can generate revenue off of them.

It’s also important to keep in mind that your content being available from the wrong sites can have a negative impact on the image of your brand. Read more: LocationSmart | Capterra and LocationSmart | Crunchbas

In order to keep your data safe, it’s important to keep your network secure and the IP geolocation services that can be accessed through LocationSmart are capable of being applied to make your network’s security stronger. It’s important to be able to track who has access to your network and the valuable data that is stored on it.

If someone gains access to your network from a suspicious location, this information can be used to stop hacking attempts. Once the suspicious activity has been identified, your company can be notified in order to take the actions that are needed based on the information provided by LocationSmart.

When LocationSmart was founded in 1995 it went by the name of TechnoCom Corporation. The company is headquartered in Carlsbad, California and was considered one of the fastest-growing companies in the Los Angeles area for four years in a row according to Deloitte.

The platform that they provide to their customers is based on first obtaining the consent of their users before they can access location data. There are many creative ways that https://angel.co/company/locationsmart LocationSmart can be implemented that could help your business and the company is happy to help you discover them.

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Celebrating a Decade of EOS Lip Balm

Fashionistas all over the world know EOS lip balm, with its distinctive egg-shaped applicators that the company introduced when it started. Instead of a narrow tube, EOS uses the egg to set its products apart and make them easier to find in a loaded purse or clutch.

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On August 13, 2019, the brand turned ten years old. In typical EOS style, the company is helping you ring in their anniversary with something big and disruptive. EOS is offering its customers a special deal each day for ten days, through August 23.

EOS Lip Balm Reviews – https://www.earthtojessica.com/eos-lip-balm-review/

The company calls its promotion 10 Days of Awesome. Promotions include discounted shipping, product giveaways, and a flash sale. Find and follow the hashtag #eosawesome for all the info–you can follow EOS on their Instagram. Or visit the 10 Days of Awesome page on the company’s website.

What makes EOS so awesome? Their organic ingredients are a big part of it. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus have endorsed the brand. In 2018, EOS partnered with Kellogg’s cereal to give away product samples. The company is fresh and creative, thinking of ideas nobody else does, and that spirit along with the unique egg-shaped design lip balms have made the company a household name.

Top 10 EOS Lip Balms Flavors – https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/best-eos-lip-balms/#gref

How to Begin Using Agera Energy

For anyone who wants to save themselves some money, you can get a feel for how Agera Energy is working by switching over to them. One of the main things that will set Agera Energy apart from other options is that you are saving money and still getting the electric or the fuel that you might need. Visit ageraenergy.com to know more.

This is important for when you want to get the right type of energy and save money while accomplishing it. Getting to switch to Agera Energy is easier than you might think and completely worthwhile.

Follow: https://www.linkedin.com/company/agera-energy

You can feel good in knowing that Agera Energy is there to make it easier than ever before to make the most out of the electric or fuel that you use at home. You can get to know the company by visiting their site or checking out the multiple social media pages that they have available right now. You will find it easier than ever to get a good account and be provided with energy that isn’t expensive or problematic. The process is so easy and is something that is helpful in that it provides you with exactly what you need and know that it is going to be helpful. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.

Isabel Dos Santos Is An African Billionaire Who Wants To Help Women Thrive

Isabel dos Santos is a successful billionaire who most people know as the richest woman in Africa. She has made many choice investments over the years and has been able to continue to grow her wealth regardless of what is going on in the world. Dos Santos uses a lot of her time to reach out to women in Africa in order to help them become better entrepreneurs. Women in the nation face many challenges when entering the business world, and she has worked very hard to help these women believe in themselves so they can find the success they deserve.

Isabel dos Santos has been able to build a thriving telecommunications company in Angola. The company is named UNITEL, and it has been working to bring the internet to people who live in rural parts of the country. She knows that people have a much easier time finding success when they have access to the internet and other kinds of modern technology. It is her conviction that no person should be left behind when it comes to achieving their dreams, and she believes everyone needs some help from time-to-time.

Isabel dos Santos has focused a lot of her most recent work on supporting communities in Angola and Africa, at-large. One way she has helped is by working to improve the infrastructure of different regions. Many people in Africa are still lacking the basic necessities, and she has helped to give this to them. Dos Santos recently commented that entrepreneurs in Africa were widely unknown and unsupported before today. She went on to talk about how this is changing and how many African entrepreneurs have been able to inspire people from all over the world.

Isabel dos Santos believes in the power of agriculture and how it is a wonderful investment for philanthropists. Many women work in the sector, and agriculture favors rural areas, which is something that would benefit Africa. The middle class is growing in Africa, and they are beginning to ask for a higher quality of food products. This growing demand can open doors for the agriculture sector and will also increase the amount of jobs available.

Revés na Unitel: que futuro tem o império empresarial de Isabel dos Santos?

Unroll Me – The Free Subscription Service

Unroll me is a free subscription service that allows you to handle all of your subscriptions in one place. The big feature that it has includes unsubscribing for places with one click.

It’s simple to sign up for since all you have to do is go straight to the Unroll Me page and then sign on. The signing on part is easy as well since it just uses your AOL, Google, Outlook or Yahoo! Account to get right on. In situations where you happen to not have any of these accounts, you can instead go simply sign up with any email address that you might have.

Once you get in, the service automatically detects your email account and arranges everything in your account for you. Then, you can choose what to do with each subscription. For example, you can “add to rollup” or “keep in inbox,” or you can “Unsubscribe.” If you click the button to unsubscribe after selecting a subscription, it will instantly unsubscribe from that subscription.

You don’t have to do anything else in order to get rid of the subscription. This is a huge advantage due to the fact that many other subscriptions make it so that you have to go through page after page in order to unsubscribe. In some cases, you may not even be able to find the subscription links at all in an easy manner. They are hidden on purpose in order to make it more difficult for you to get away from the subscription.

That’s why this service is advantageous.

Additionally, the “add to rollup” option makes it so that you can get a digest of newsletters sent to you every day during whatever time period you want, be it in the morning, at night or in the afternoon. This will make it a lot easier for you to read all the subscription emails that you do actually want to look at on a regular basis. As a result, it should cut down on how much time you spend reading email.


Jeunesse Global Earns Awards in 25th Annual Communicator

Jeunesse Global was once again honored in the Communicator Awards, an international competition that celebrates excellence in communications. The company stated that they are proud to be honored alongside other popular brands, such as Forbes, PepsiCo, and ESPN. 

Jeunesse Global was given two dozen awards for video, print, and digital work in many different areas of written and visual communication categories. 

Scott Lewis is the Chief Visionary Officer of Jeunesse. He stated that their Marketing & Communications team continually raises the bar every year when it comes to telling the story of Jeunesse products. “We Live Jeunesse,” the signature magazine-style product catalog of the company, along with the corporate identity video, earned the direct sales company eight different awards. They were given six awards of Excellence and then two awards of Distinction. These awards recognized the company’s overall design, visual appeal, writing, and graphics. 

The company recently launched a successful campaign known as the RVL Advanced Hair Care System. This product line was a huge success all over the world. The system won seven awards related to packaging, digital, and print communications. These included awards of Excellence for the RVL brochure and video. 

RevitaBlu is a new botanical blend that the company offers. It won awards of Distinction for packaging. The redesign of Reserve, Jeunesse’s flagship product, also won the same award. The Reserve brand refresh also won awards of Distinction for the brochure and video. 

Jeunesse Global runs an organization called Jeunesse Kids, which won an award of Distinction for their “Bringing Hope 2018 India” recap video. The Jeunesse EXPO9 Thrive 2018 World Tour logo, along with their recap video, also won awards of Distinction. 

About the Company

Jeunesse Global is a company that offers interested consumers the chance to get in on a progressive business. Their mission is to help women and men feel and look as young as possible through the use of their revolutionary products. The company offers hair and skin care products, energy drinks, and AM and PM vitamins. Jeunesse Global also offers an amazing incentive program for employees, including the chance to earn trips and bonuses. 


OSI Group’s Keys to Success

OSI Group is a leading company in the food distribution industry. The company specializes in providing a wide variety of food products to businesses in the food industry. By providing a number of products to restaurants and grocery stores, OSI Group helps these businesses better satisfy the demands for customers. For several decades, OSI Group has been able to achieve very high levels of success due to a number of key factors. These include frequent expansion, offering a variety of quality products, acquiring other food distribution businesses and also partnering up with top restaurants.

Throughout its existence, OSI Group has offered a number of products that have been able to meet consumer demand. Each year, the company provides many foods such as baked goods, vegetables and meats to grocery stores. It also provides these foods to restaurants as well. With this wide selection of products, OSI Group helps restaurants and grocery stores with the products they need in order to sell to consumers.

Along with offering a vast selection of food products, OSI Group has also looked to develop long term relationships with each of its customers. During the past three decades, OSI Group has expanded to international markets by developing trust with foreign companies. One of the markets that it succeeded at developing trust was in China. The company spent a few years interacting with Chinese businesses and finding out about their needs. OSI Group learned about this and began to successfully complete its expansion once it was aware of what Chinese customers wanted from a food distributor.

A number of partnerships with companies such as McDonalds has been a key to the success of OSI Group. One of the most notable partnerships has been the OSI Group McDonalds partnership. For several decades, the OSI Group McDonalds partnership has been one of the most efficient in the food industry. When the OSI Group McDonalds partnership was formed the purpose was to distribute hamburgers. Once the OSI Group McDonalds partnership was formed, both companies were able to satisfy the demand of consumers who were looking to buy this specific product.

In recent news, OSI Group has acquired the Dutch food supply company Baho Food. By acquiring Bahoo Food, OSI Group has been able to expand its geographic presence and selection of food products. As a result, it will be able to further its expansion in the European and other international markets.

Learn more about OSI :https://www.crunchbase.com/person/david-mcdonald-7

American Addiction Centers: They Work Their Tails Off

Addiction is tough, but the fine individuals over at the AAC (American Addiction Centers) are tougher. They are going to fight to the end with those they are helping. Their goal is for them to graduate out of their treatment centers and be able to live a happy and free life. It is also going to be a healthy life as well.

The AAC knows all of the struggles that an addict is going through in their life. The fact the addict doesn’t have to go into great detail is refreshing for the addict. They like the fact they can go into an AAC treatment center and be understood right away.

Now, they have to give them some information, as each person is treated differently and is at a different stage, but they are tired of talking about it. They want to see results.

The AAC always wants the addict to remember there is hope. Right now, if they are at a treatment center, it might seem like rock bottom for them. They never wanted it to get to this stage.

However, sometimes it needs to get to that stage in order for them to finally wake up and understand what’s happening with them. People call it “rock bottom” or “bottoming out.” Whatever anyone wants to call it, it is when he or she has reached the lowest point in his or her life. The step after that is death, which is not what they want. They are looking to avoid that at all costs.

In many cases, they didn’t even realize they had a problem in the first place. Sometimes they have been doing it for so long, they haven’t fully seen their actions from someone else’s point of view. They haven’t been able to get outside of themselves and see how they have hurt people by drinking. It is because they have AUD (alcohol use disorder). Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

It is the disease that has taken the keys from them and is driving in the car known as their life. As a matter of fact, many alcoholics have even gotten behind the wheel while they were blackout drunk. It just goes to show how serious of a situation this is for those suffering from AUD.

When it is something they can’t stop and it controls them, it is a massive issue that needs to be tackled by the professionals over at the AAC. They are not just a social drinker or a fun drunk.

They are someone that is in severe danger of losing everything in their life: their job, their family, and their friends. It is not too late for them, but they need to act quickly with their treatment.

Learn more about American Addiction Centers:

Serge Belamant Recap

Serge Belamant, an entrepreneur and computer scientist, helped create numerous cryptocurrencies. He developed programs that allow companies and individuals to process quickly deposits, investments, and payments. All in a secure environment. He was born in France in 1953. At age 14, his family moved to South Africa. During and after this move, Serge learned how to converse as well as read and write English. He learned English well enough to go to high school in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was involved in many activities but loved rugby. He was also Captain of a couple of clubs at high school in 1970 – the science club and the bridge club.

Besides athletics and his work in class, he loved to play chess. He was good at it. He participated in the South African chess championships in 1972. Serge Belamant then proceeded to engage in a college career where he studied multiple things. However, he never earned his degree. When he was 22, he decided that he was going to work. He found employment very soon. At one of his first jobs, he created applications to find the ideal water levels in dams. This helped cities and countries predict and prevent future droughts. In his employment, he fostered the development of digital mapping, various statistical methods that enhanced road network analysis.

At one workplace, he also developed a scientifically based financial management system. He was appointed to Bancorp Corporation to help with risk management and analysis. Further in his career, he invented a national ATM switch and was able to get contracts that provided him with hardware and computers for that ATM system. Serge Belamant came to the United States. He invented the COPAC, which is a security feature for credit cards against fraud, PINS, etc. Wherever Serge Belamant works, he wrestles with the status quo and invents new tools that have helped the banking world. Without his creativity and knowledge, certain sectors of the world might still be behind the times.

Igor Cornelsen- Investment Banker and Advisor

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investment banker and advisor who is successfully running his own firm. He joined the university to study engineering but after two years he began to study economics at the same university.

Upon graduation, Mr. Cornelsen went on to work at an investment bank. He climbed up the ranks in the investment sector and he eventually ended up in Rio working as an investment banker. By 1974 he received a promotion to the board of directors of Multibanco and two years later he became the CEO of Multibanco.

However, in 1978 Multibanco became the property of the Bank of America and Igor Cornelsen was left to look for a job elsewhere. He landed a job at Unibanco, one of the most successful investment companies in Brazil where he stayed until 1985. Igor then started to work for Libra Bank PLC.

This marked an important step in his career as for once he would get his salary in US Dollars, creating a whole new set of opportunities in his career. As his successes grew here, he moved to the Standard Chartered Merchant bank, where he was a member of the board and also as a representative of Brazil. For the next seven years, he successful served as a board member.

In 1995, Igor Cornelsen left the bank to open his own investment firm, which majored in the same services he had been providing for the banks he had been previously working for.

He states that his business idea was as a consequence of his former experience working for previous employers.

His main business tip is that he is not influenced by others opinions but prefers to make up his mind using facts and not opinions. This is why he believes in Reuters news as a productive and reliable service because they only report the facts and have no bias.

He insists that reading widely and learning how news will affect the market is a key part of his business success. He encourages young people, in particular, to learn to look at the world as whole instead of as small pieces. Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25704-igor-cornelsen-giving-three-valuable-tips-invest-growing-foreign-market