Papa John’s Executive Steve Ritchie Reveals Focus On Diversity

2018 might turn out to be a bad year for Papa John’s. The sales in the past three quarters are not what they used to be and it has been a concern since the beginning of the year. Papa John’s CEO, Steve Ritchie, is trying to find a way to make things better for the company. After all the searching and planning, he revealed what’s on his to-do list for the company’s future.

After the effort to revamp advertisement, Steve Ritchie decided to follow up by penning a letter and making it available online. According to the letter, the company audited and investigated the company’s inside to discover and weed out bad diversity and inclusion practices. The auditing reached out all the branches of Papa John’s, including Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. During the visits, Steve Ritchie and some of the executive members of Papa John’s asked all members for suggestions on how to improve the chain. Steve Ritchie also revealed in the letter that all the members are undergoing an “unconscious bias training” alongside his effort to add more diversity in both staff and leadership positions. With this program, he hopes that there will be more cooperation among the members of the company. This program is said to involve a special advisory with experts and nationally respected members. In addition to this, Steve Ritchie revealed two long-term focus of the company. The first one is to expand Papa John’s influence on the minority-owned franchise. The last one is to build a framework that will make the members work together harmoniously.

Steve Ritchie tried to make things more favorable for Papa John’s in the past three quarters. One of his efforts is to make the fourth quarter work. This includes more advertisements and new marketing campaigns. It has yet to be seen if the company managed to get the fourth quarter favorable to them. It is possible that they finally have gained redemption because of their latest efforts. The fourth quarter financial documents are expected to come in next year This will determine if Papa John’s will still have to redeem itself after a very bad 2018.

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