Privinvest Is A Shipbuilder That Has Earned A Good Reputation

Businesses and military services can trust Privinvest to build a ship that they would be proud to sail.

Privinvest, a global shipbuilding group, focuses on building technologically innovative ships as well as high-end ships. It also builds commercial, naval vessels and mega yachts. It was started about 20 years by Akram Safa and his brother, Iskandar Safa.

The main headquarters can be found in the Middle East, Other branches of Privinvest can be in the Mediterranean, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. All these branches are state of the art and have a staff that has unique, diverse skills.

Privinvest has about 2,500 staff members that are located all over the world. They spend every day designing and constructing commercial and naval vessels, supplying integrated systems, and creating support systems for naval fleets. They help countries by supplying them with technology that should help them build their own ships.

For about 20 years, this company have successfully completed major contracts using their facilities and staff around the world. The staff was able to build ships that are considered to be well-designed, well-built and well-engineered. Some of their ships are well-known, especially the Sailing Yacht that was recently built. Their completed ships have gained them the confidence of the company’s stakeholders and a really good reputation. They are well-regarded by the shipping industry partly due to being to their clients’ needs and demands in a timely fashion.

Privinvest does want to get increasingly involved in environmental issues. They want to be known as a responsible company. Privinvest’s Research and Development department has focused on such Marine Renewable Energies as the turbine, hydrokinetic industry.

The shipyards of this company have built about 2,000 vessels and one of their ships can be found 20 naval services throughout the world. Recently, it has creating ships for non-NATO and major NATO navies.

Privinvest has a proven record of making quality and a company or navy should have no problem picking them as a shipbuilder.

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