Profiling Future Business Leader Jon Urbana

He is an important figure in the country’s growth and sustainable development, and we’ve decided to profile him today. Jon Urbana is an experienced entrepreneur and also a business manager. In his entire career, Urbana has achieved so much to Denver success. Jon was born on November 15th, 1982.

Urbana’s business ventures

Jon has been involved with commercial enterprises for more than ten years now. Urbana is a professional investor, a video writer and editor, and a businessperson. He has managed to start many businesses such as Lacrosse Camps that function for the benefits of Denver people. He set up the camps at Colorado area. The camps provide education training backgrounds to the youth of Lacrosse.

He currently serves as the Executive Officer of Ellipse Technologies under the business development department.

Jon Urbana Aviation career

Jon Urbana also serves as a qualified pilot being certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. He also runs charitable works to help local organizations that work for the social wellbeing of the people. He managed to pass the FAA standards interview. He was added to the Airmen Certification Database by the administration, with a copy of the certificate posted to his website.

The Federal Aviation Administration imposes special regulations for one to qualify as a pilot. The body primary focus remains to be the protection of passengers’ safety.

Holders of student pilot certification face restriction from FAA from flying at night or carrying more than one passenger.

Urbana hit the limelight after the recognition to be included in the Federal Aviation Administration Airmen Database.

Jon Urbana’s photography

Jon Urbana has a Flickr page where he got more than 1,776 people following him. He has a total of 822 posts and 329 followers. Urbana likes posting funny pictures on his blog. For instance, he recently posted a flower that looks like a bird. He also likes posting pets photos. On 3rd December 2015, Urbana posted a beautiful picture of grapefruit salad platter.

In conclusion, based on his Twitter posts, Jon Urbana has made life changes and developments to many people in Denver. He has also widely promoted and supported the lacrosse team at Villanova since his graduation.

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