Richard Liu Qiandong Interview

 In a recent interview, Richard Liu sat down before an audience to discuss his past, his present and future as head of Qiangdong. His professional beginnings were humble and far from the tech innovation we see from the company today. He and his wife opened a restaurant as Liu had a passion for the culinary arts growing up. After the restaurant failed, he opened a small electronics store in the 90’s that sold CD’s, DVD players and the popular tech of the late 90’s. The store eventually expanded in the early 2000’s to 11 stores, all with just a few employees so it was still known as a small, local chain.

In 2005, the avian flu catastrophe put a stranglehold on China’s economy and workforce as more and more people got sick. Liu sent all of his employees home and closed up shop to keep his employees safe. Then sparked the idea for Qiangdong. Now a revolutionary provider of on demand goods, Richard Liu discussed how the company began using shipping methods like that of Amazon and built upon that model to become China’s number one distribution company. Flash forward to today and the company uses autonomous means such as self driving vehicles, drones and robots to deliver top quality goods, same day throughout the country.

Facial recognition technology, tech that understands traffic patterns have all been implemented. Liu joked about wanting to be more well known and widely used internationally than Walmart and Amazon combined; friendly competition. When asked about his financial wealth, Liu stated that much of it can be a burden but he’s also been able to give back to causes he finds important as well as help those near and dear to him personally. He joked that many close friends of his were now very well off. Richard Liu will continue to strive for that international successful person and to be the best.

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