Rick Cofer talks about determinate sentencing

Determinate sentencing subjects convicted criminals to a jail term that is definite and not subject to review by any board. Because of the nature of this sentence, Rick Cofer says that there is a problem associated with it. He holds the view that the sentence is static, and can last for decades.

It is something that he says should not happen to people who have the right to ask for a review of their sentences. In addition to that, he says that juvenile offenders are the ones that are most affected by this type of sentences as has been determined by the Rick Cofer Law Firm.

Laws and regulations

Children, Rick Cofer says, are always expected to adhere to a set of rules that they find in place. It is this type of situation that makes them end up with a determinate sentence. He says that when they are sentenced, they are likely to spend many years in Jail when they could have found a better sentence to help them change their lives.

There is always a possibility for growth and change, and this is something that convicted juveniles are always denied when they are subjected to determinate sentencing like the ones that have been served by the Rick Cofer Law firm.

Lack of motivation

Rick Cofer says that when junior law offenders are exposed to this sentence, they are likely to lack motivation. The aim of sending people to prison is to reform them, and therefore, it is good to ensure that they are motivated to do better.

They should have the attitude that makes them want to impress the justice system. This can only happen when they know that by doing better, they are likely to have their sentences reviewed. Everyone has a desire to get out of jail, and this means that when they know that they can get out by doing better, they will become responsible people because Rick Cofer Law firm has confirmed this.

According to Rick Cofer, it is good to treat people according to their merits. When a fixed jail term is imposed on them, it will not be easy to recognize their merits.


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