Securus Continues to Modernizes Prison Technology with New Automated Forms

Securus announced in August 2016 that forms and grievance applications can now be submitted electronically on their ConnectUs platform. Each correctional Institute will decide which forms will be available, but typical forms include inmates’ requests to file grievances, medical and sign up forms. According to’s article, the automated process will save clients time and money.
Online access to forms will also improve inmate’s jail time experience. They will be able to independently file, change, view the status, accept and appeal their forms. Improved transparency of the entire process, will revolutionize communication between inmates and institutions.
Likewise, the automated process will alleviate demands made on correctional officers. Securus projects a whopping 65% savings of correctional officer’s time that previously had been spent entering, changing and filing inmate’s requests. Correctional officers will have more time to devote to the security and the safety of inmates. Institutions that have already implemented ConnectUs automated forms have reported thousands of dollars of savings in paper.


Securus is excited to provide this new service. They boast, “The Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs is an example of how we are modernizing our customers with the latest, most effective technologies.” It shows their commitment to their customers, reinforcing their return to their BBB A+ rating earlier this year.

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