Securus Technology Partners With Purple Communication to Provide VRS to Inmates

Technological advancements are being done in the information industry, with more companies are embracing these changes. This is evident with Securus Technology. On January 1st, 2017, Securus Technology announced its partnership with Purple Communication, Inc. Being a reputable organization, Securus aims at providing the best technological solution in civil and criminal activities.

Aim of Partnering with Purple Communication

Securus teamed up with this firm to ensure that the impaired and deaf in behind bars have access to video relay service. The technology will help enhance the communication between the inmates and other parties who do not have videophones. Integrated to this video relay services is the American Sign Language translation services which will aid the deaf to communicate with other people without hearing impairment easily.

Securus Technology Efficiency

As much as GTL compares itself with Securus, the technology used by Securus is far much advanced compared to the GTL. Unlike GTL, Securus makes use of its trained technicians in their service delivery. A statement made by the Chief Executive Officer Richard A Smith claimed that most clients prefer Securus services compared to GTL services.

Offering differentiated services ranging from public safety solutions, monitoring, investigation and correction services, Securus Technology is a company with a mission. They have worked tirelessly in ensuring that inmates have equal rights despite their gender, race or condition. This is the reason behind its partnership with Purple communications.

Having been in the corrections industry for about 30 years, the company is working tirelessly in ensuring that it has provided the best out of the industry. Being the dominating firm in providing the best quality services to inmates, Securus takes advantage of the growing technology in putting back a smile on Americans. They have achieved this by making use of the modern technology in growing their business and also providing quality services that meet their customer needs.

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