Shelters Choose Beneful

As the primary worker at the local animal shelter, I have used every dog food brand there is to better the pups’ quality of life. Donations are often dropped off, and I began to see a facebook likely trend. The dogs responded better, looked healthier, and were livelier when I fed them Nestle PurinaStore‘s Beneful.

The smaller dogs and puppies prefer the Beneful Prepared Dog Meals Dog Food. The easy to eat and the natural flavor draws them all in at once. It disappears fast. But they seem to enjoy the Beneful Puppy Healthy Dog food as much as the soft food. Depending on the Amazon sold stock, I vary between the two for their meals.

They crave the large bites and filling flavors that only are offered by Beneful. Whether the Beneful Adult Dog Food, Healthy Radiance that has rice and fish or Beneful’s Adult Dog Food, Healthy Weight, they run to the row of bowls at the same speed. As I do for the younger dogs, I tend to shift between the flavors and brands both for variety and also for the weight control formula that works wonders on the larger, lazier future adopters.

Beneful also provides the best treats for my shelter friends. Beneful’s Baked Delights Dog Snacks is perfect for dogs of any age. When they start their yapping, I merely have to walk the hall, and they know what is in my utility pockets. The snacks are not only healthy but naturally tasty if they make dozens of dogs go decidedly quiet at the notion of having one.

An official notice went out to our no-kill shelter’s sponsors specifically requesting Beneful products. Our loyal supporters load us up.


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  1. Kirkland Mandy Post author

    Many had just picked Beneful to drop at our entryway. However, now we have a storeroom full and puppies with full paunches in view of Beneful. The bigger breeds require Beneful’s abundant brands. This is the set file for what could do to ensure that everything is going to workout for them all and it is indeed what it means too.

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