Skout App Overview and How to Resolve Concerns

Skout is a location-based dating app and social networking website. It was among the first dating network people discovered that can generalize where the user is located. It is possible to access Skout from iOS and Android smartphones. In 2013, Skout announced that through its app, over 500 million connections had been reached. Some of Skouts properties includes; nightlife app, Nixter, and Fuse a messaging app for a group that lasts only for a short time. To enable its users find other users, Skout employs a system of phone global positioning. The system helps users discover other users within a certain radius.

One of the interesting features in Skout is that it does not give the exact location of its users. At the same time, users can freely decide not to use location tracking aspects of the app. With Skout on, they only allow GPS location for the adult community. When searching for people using Skout, users can be able to look at the profile of the other users as well as their recent activities. With the app, users can send instant messages and virtual presents to each other. The app is also able to separate teens from adults. Presently, Skout is available in fourteen languages in 180 nations.

In the event that their users are experiencing difficulties with the app, Skout has developed a precise way to resolve such concerns. Users can access Skout assistance through an email address. To help their users resolve their concerns, they many ask for more information from their users. They may also send messages that contain the instruction that users can follow to resolve their problems. Their customer service team or anyone from Skout do not ask the user to provide their passwords or sensitive personal details. The following are some of the details that Skout may request their users to supply in the event that they encounter an issue with the app.

• The email address used during the registration of the account.
• The Skout name
• The users Skout ID
• The version and the OS of the user’s mobile device.
• A description detailing the problem the user is experiencing
• Any other relevant information that can help Skout resolve the concern as fast as possible.

Skout was established in 2007 as a mobile web for social networking. Its founders are Christian Wiklud and Niklas Lingstrom. In 2009, the two re-launched the network to become a dating app and discovery application, after they recognized that 80% of the users had been using it as a dating platform. Currently, the app is available for iPod Touch, iPhone and Android smartphones.

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