Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital: The Growth of a Private Investment Organization

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm that has been cited as one of the world’s biggest private equity funds. Before the company adopted the name CCMP it went by many other names. The company was originally called Chemical Venture Partners, which was associated with Chemical Bank as a private equity branch of the bank. In 1996 the Chemical Venture Partners name would undergo a change and adopt the name Chase Capital Partners in association with Chase Manhattan Bank. A few years later, in 2000, the group would again change its name to JP Morgan Partners in association with JP Morgan Chase. The name Bank one was then formed in 2004, which had its own investment group called One Equity Partners which would then become the head private equity firm for JP Morgan Chase. Equity partners, which was led by Dick Cashin would allow for JP Morgan Partners to spinout on its own. On July 31, 2006 the company officially separated from JP Morgan Chase to become CCMP. The investment group has invested twelve billion dollars in growth capital and leveraged buyout since the investment professionals separated from its former partners.
Stephen Murray was a philanthropist and private equity investor, who was born August 2, 1962. He was the co-founder and CEO of CCMP Capital as of 2007. Before he would become the co-founder of the firm he was a part of the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. The company would then be purchased by Chemical Bank in 1991, which then led to the eventual buyout at JP Morgan Partners, where he was the head of the operation. Mr. Murray has also served as a board member for companies such as AMC Entertainment and Pinnacle Foods. As a philanthropist Murray would also make contributions to organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation, Columbia Business School, and the Stamford Museum.