Sunday Riley and the Sunday Riley Skin Care Line

Sunday Riley is a line of skin care products. The range of products shares its name with the founder. Riley has developed the formula for each product in the line. The latest product, Good Genes, is a product that is available in 20 shades.

There used to be a makeup line for the Sunday Riley brand. The makeup line was discontinued. There was not much word-of-mouth advertising for the line. Ms. Riley felt the makeup line would tank the entire company. She decided to stop the line within a month or two of it launching.

Sunday Riley has a goal in life to live to be 120 years. However, this goal includes her not looking older than 90 years. When she was growing up, her dad said he wanted her to have a business name should she wish to pursue a business career. The name, Sunday Riley, is suitable for her now. However, growing up in Texas, the kids gave her a difficult time about her name.

There is not one product in the Sunday Riley line that Ms. Riley would say is her favorite. She tries not to get emotionally attached to any of the products. After all, she oversees cutting the products she feels are not performing well anymore.

Sunday Riley is not just a cosmetic chemist. Cosmetic chemistry is not what she studied in school. She learned most of what she knows about cosmetic chemistry on the job. It is a fascinating experience for someone to learn the skills they have developed on the job.

Sunday Riley is a woman who has a strict policy with the Sunday Riley Skin Care products that they should perform well. Otherwise, they risk being terminated from the line. She uses the skin care products in the line daily.

Riley is one who has a strict regimen with her skin. She thinks if you wash your face and exfoliate on a weekly basis your skin should look excellent. She does not believe a person should refrain from exfoliating. Without this then your skin care products are just absorbing into dead skin.

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