Susan McGalla Rejuvenates Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Lineup

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ have just upgraded their fashion line and their website, according to a CBS Pittsburgh article. The Steelers have had a fairly robust lineup for gear for fans to wear, however, many fans found the color choices always to be lacking as they generally featured the teams colors of black and gold forgoing any other colors. Today is a new day, however, as the Steelers plan to offer new jewelry from Pandora as well as big labels like Tommy Bahama and Victoria’s Secret for the clothing. Changing up the style has meant including new styles for the female fan that might want more color in their outfits including neon yellow, metallic gold and pink for some of the younger female fans. The person behind the changes is Susan Mcgalla. According to CBS Pittsburgh, Mcgalla wanted to offer men something to wear to work while offering women something more feminine. This new strategy will help dress up some items giving all age ranges and sexual orientations will have something to choose from to fit their individual style while supporting their favorite team. Susan McGalla’s position with the Pittsburgh Steelers is Director of Strategic Planning, and will be helping make decisions that cater to fans and helping the organization have a more outward facing structure. McGalla first contributed to American Eagle Outfitters’, during which time she helped buying merchandise for women’s clothing before moving onto other positions within the company. Susan McGalla showed her ability to understand current trends as well as understanding what a group of consumers want. McGalla’s ability to read and understand trends in fashion, and her willingness to find out what customers want, has helped her create growth in the past. The first steps Susan McGalla has taken at the Steelers show’s her continued ability to stay in touch with fans, and understand what different demographics want.  Source:

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