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Steve Lesnard – The North Face Product Release

FUTURELIGHT products by The North Face company are revolutionizing outerwear. This light fabric, created with nanospinning technology, was designed to keep the user protected against harsh elements, while still maintaining a level of comfort and flexibility. The apparel collections are named Summit, Steep, and Flight Series. Each includes jackets, pants, and bibs that provide constant waterproof protection. It took several years for the development team to create a garment that was soft and flexible as well as durable and sustainable. Over a dozen members of the company’s athletic team tested these products against frigid temperatures and unforgiving environments.

Hilaree Nelson, The North Face team captain, along with her partner, Jim Morrison, the company’s alpinist, personally tested FUTURELIGHT apparel. The duo tackled mountains Everest and Cho Oyu and even made history when they did a descent down Lhotse Couloir. Nelson said, “In all my years in the mountains, I’ve never experienced a product that moved and performed as well as FUTURELIGHT. It is creating a new paradigm for what I expect out of a waterproof material.” And a new paradigm may be exactly what The North Face is ultimately creating here.

Because of this product, the company was able to devise a three-layer garment made with 90% recycled material. “Great brands can not only have a clear point of view on who they are and how they add value but also develop products that sustain the test of time,” Steve Lesnard, VP of Marketing told The Drum. Lesnard, who serves the industry with over 20 years of experience, was the former Global VP and General Manager for Nike’s running department. He was also the creative force behind two Olympic marketing campaigns and the launch of retail stores built specifically for the female athlete. Under his leadership, the company’s brand loyalty expanded to 30 countries.

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Richard Liu Changes E-Commerce

Richard Qiangdong Liu has changed the way people think about E-commerce by changing what people thought was possible. He is the Founder of JD.com. He has been the company’s chairman and Chief Executive Officer since the company first started. Jingdong was started in June 1998. It had rapid growth over a relatively short amount of time. It grew to twelve chain stores. The stores’ revenue was nine million dollars a year.

Richard Liu saw how well the stores were doing, so he decided to start an online version of the store, called JD.com. This company has been one of the successful stores in China. They have over one billion users and the number continues to increase. Liu clearly knows what he is doing in the E-commerce space. They are different because they source directly from the supplier, so people know they are getting the real product and not something that is fake.