Stem cells are like tiny little magicians creating healing alchemy within our own bodies.

One of the most amazing aspects of stem cells is their ability to transform from one function in one part of the body, to another function in another part of the body. They can do this because they are actually undifferentiated cells, meaning they have the quality of placidity.

The marvelous part of stem cells is how they are used to treat illness. For instance they are used with great success in treating various lung disease like emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary fibrous and more. The procedure requires harvesting blood or blood marrow from the patient and then reintroducing it back into the blood stream of the patient. Then the blood goes into the right chamber of the heart where it travels to the lungs where healing can take place.

The Lung Institute was formed with the intention of treating people with lung disease in the most effective and state of the art facilities. They have five different locations in the United States with highly trained and experienced doctors and physicians.

The Lung Institute website offers information about stem cells in general as well as the spectrum of treatments available to consider. They also have excellent seminars to attend and webinars available to view any anywhere at all. They continue to research and inform the public about the positive aspects of stem cell treatments.

According Cedars-sinai, people who suffer from any form of chronic lung disease know how hard it is to function anymore in a normal way. Their breathing and energy is limited and their quality of life is seriously affected. Stem cell therapy offers a chance to recover in many cases and receive corrective relief and treatments in other situations. It’s absolutely a revolutionary method of medicine and ongoing research and as such is a viable option to consider for healing. Read more about stem cell therapy research on

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