The Many Facets Of Doe Deere

The name Lime Crime came from a love of the color lime green for Doe Deere and she has taken this love and the name to new heights with her online makeup line. Bold, bright, and unusual makeup colors combined to catch the eye along with a wild, purple hair color and zany personality make her unique in her particular field. (See original release on

It all originated from her love of music. She started out in a band and needed a certain look for photo shoots and could not find exactly what she was looking for so she started sewing her own special outfits and incorporating the colors that she loved. One of those colors was lime green. The Lime Crime clothing line started taking off and she decided to open her own online store in 2004. Feeling that her fair looks made her look washed out, she started experimenting with makeup in different colors to brighten her features. She would put tutorials on her website of her makeup experiments and people started following it and requesting more and more. She liked the way the makeup made her feel and the freedom it gave her to transform herself so much that it changed her forever. Apparently, her followers thought the same as her makeup tutorials took precedence over the clothing line. She changed her website to focus solely on makeup in 2006.

Her music background was not taking off like she thought it would and though she was saddened by this, Doe realized that makeup gave her the opportunity to express herself completely. She realized that there was not a makeup on the market that had the bold, bright colors that she loved so she decided to make it herself. She has worked in the lab with a chemist to come up with several new lines of lipstick that she is very proud of. One is a liquid-to-matte lipstick that does not crumble and stays on, totally transfer-proof. She is also really proud of the Velvetines-this lipstick contains no animal-derived ingredients.

Doe has had some serious security issues that resulted in some of her customers information being stolen by a cyber-thief in 2014. This has been one of the hardest situations that she has found herself in and with perseverance and help from her team they were able to get their customers needs taken care of and cleared up. She now feels that her website and information are totally protected from hackers. They have set up a call center, email accounts, and hired more customer service representatives to assist with any inquiries or problems that may come up.

Doe said her role model is Kimberley Gordon, another young lady whose clothing line, Wildfox, has a vintage twist and was launched around the same time as Lime Crime.

Doe hopes to continue doing what she loves with her Lime Crime makeup line. It is her passion and her glory. (

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