The Name Tyrants Everywhere Dread

From North Korea to Swaziland, the name Thor Halvorssen is feared. This fear isn’t due to any reputation for aggression or ruthlessness, but it is formed due to the determined work of Halvorssen to expose dictators across the world for their corrupt ways. Thor Halvorssen, currently the head of the Human Rights Foundation, is on a mission to promote democracy and fight against those who deny human rights. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

He isn’t the first one in his family to take up this cause either. In fact both of his parents, Thor Halvorssen Hellum and Hilda Mendoza, were highly active in fighting against the destruction caused by drug cartels and corrupt elected officials in his native country of Venezuela. It’s in his blood to fight for the greater good.

With a family history as deeply involved in politics as Halvorssen’s it isn’t any wonder he chose this path for his career. Both his Norweigan father and Venezuelan mother descend from long lines of political leaders. His paternal grandfather was the Venezuelan consul of the king of Norway during World War II.

Thor was responsible for diverting Norwegian ships to Venezuela when his home country was invaded by Germans. Through his mother he is related to the first president of Venezuela, Cristobal Mendoza, and the esteem military leader of Latin American independence from Spain Simon Bolivar. Just like his ancestors fought against Monarchs and Fascists, Halvorssen takes a stand against those who threaten liberty.

Accomplishing the sort of things Halvorssen wants to accomplish is never an easy task. He needed a education that would give him international experience and a deep understanding of politics across the world. Halvorssen received just that when he studied at the University Of Pennsylvania.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude with two degrees in political science and history in the early 1990s, he quickly took up his role in exposing dictatorships across the world. In 2005 his signature organization, the Human Rights Foundation, was incorporated. As president of the Human Rights Foundation he continues to advance the causes of human rights and democracy as he fights against the corruption seen in regimes across the world.

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