The Purina Advantage

Feed a dog nothing but condiments and lettuce. In no time flat that dog will be incontinent, yowling, foul-tempered and ugly. But the same thing happens when a human being isn’t properly taken care of. There’s an old saying everyone knows which pertains to this situation. That old saying is “you are what you eat”. And, while people who eat hamburgers don’t eventually end up shaped like a beef patty between a couple wheat buns, they do often begin to have problems in their blood hearkening to increased adipose tissue and the like, depending on which organization they purchased burgers from. For example, people buying food from McDonald’s are far more likely to have digestive problems than those who have purchased the same kind of food from a chic restaurant. That’s because McDonald’s, as a multi-national billionaire corporation like Amazon, has vested interest in providing food for its customers as cheaply as possible. And, in like manner, there are many pet foods out there mass-produced by organizations that have zero regard for an animal’s health, and are only interested in protecting their bottom line. Thankfully, Purina is not one of these companies.

Purina respects not only pets, but pet owners; so it is their prerogative that food should be available for the four-footed furry family members in a household that is entirely healthy, and sourced from solid ingredients. Real ingredients.

This is one of the many reasons dogs just love Purina. Canines have an exceptionally developed sense of smell. In a lot of ways, smell links to taste. The Creator has given dogs a natural ability to tell whether or not a food or foodstuff is natural. So when a dog tastes Purina food, that dog immediately knows that the good stuff has been found.

One brand that Purina produces is called Beneful. Beneful uses only natural ingredients, and is formulated such that puppies and adult dogs alike can be sure all their nutritional needs are met in a single formula. Beneful not only comes from real ingredients, not only does it have a bevy of vitamins and minerals designed to ensure a canine’s health and vitality; but it has been specially formulated by Purina to taste delicious to any canine palate. This is because in 2013 Purina spent over forty million dollars ensuring that the formula used in their Beneful solution was put together just right.

There’s a reason Purina is the premiere dog food option in the United States, and the second best dog food solution worldwide. That reason is quality. Purina brings quality to its products, so that its customers can trust in what it produces. For a dog to have a long, happy, healthy life, it is only sensible that the animal should be properly fed and taken care of. Purina makes this easy.

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    That’s right, when a customer purchases a bag of dog food from Purina, they can be sure that if it says “chicken” on the side, that dog food bag contains real chicken. It might look tough for custom writing service but I know that it means much for all of them too which might not be that easy when duly said.

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