The Right Man for the Job

The state of Israel has been in constant disarray, especially recently from terrorist attacks by certain Islamic neighbors that see them as a threat.

The Jewish community, in general, has always been persecuted by others, with examples being the Holocaust during the 1930s and 40s and throughout European history, as they have been displaced multiple times by other nations stronger than them. It is no surprise then that such a country requires support from strong-willed and skilled ambassadors. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

One of those particular ambassadors, Daniel Taub, has recently announced that he will resign his position within the United Kingdom. During his time there he has been able to form a strong, cohesive bond between the two countries, with international trade increasing significantly, and the friendship that has been built because of his work will be one that will not break anytime soon.

Daniel Taub was actually born in the British Isles and called the United Kingdom his home until after he was married. He is a devout Orthodox Jew, and this shows his passion towards his people and to God. He made the decision to ultimately move to Israel after vacationing there with his family.

Daniel Taub has only been stationed at his post in the United Kingdom for four short years. He recently had a conversation with the Queen of England, who he informed directly that he was no longer going to be representing his country within theirs.

His passing the torch to someone else might mean something positive, as he will be able to return home and be reassigned to another post where he can continue his mission with another country. For those who know him are sad at this announcement, especially if they are British Nationals and they know what he is capable of doing.

He is an extremely interpersonal and interesting individual, and can quickly form bonds with others. On a positive note, he will be working alongside his fellow countrymen with Arabic States surrounding.

This is important as in the past there has been a very rocky relationship with Muslim countries in the Middle East. There is even a war fought between is real and a variety of their surrounding Neighbors. There is no doubt that with Daniel Taub on the job, however, there will be a positive shift that will eventually see peace in the Middle East. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

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