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Depression can creep upon anyone at anytime, it doesn’t discriminate. Depression is one of the most popular mental illnesses that occurs in the United States. Roughly about 16 million adults are affected by depression. Major depression cases have been found mostly in women, and most adults who do have the mental illness do not seek out for help. Depression is a major issue throughout the United States, more funding and research is still being done to try and slow down the mental illness.

While many things can cause depression, there is no single factor that causes it. Usually stressful events in adults lives can cause the mental issue. Events such as, losing a job, going through a divorce, being in an abusive relationship, and financial issues. These issues can cause adults to shut down and lose their self-esteem. Once depression has you sucked in, it’s hard to get back out of the slump. Some of the symptoms of depression include but are not limited to, lack of appetite, getting no sleep or sleeping too much throughout the day, not being able to have a social life, and sometimes adults can’t even bathe themselves. This mental illness affects every day lives!

There are many different types of disorders as well. There is major depressive disorder, persistent depressive order, postpartum depressive order, and seasonal depressive disorder. All these disorders have something in common, they make adults incapable of doing their normal daily activities.

This is when organizations get involved and try to help. At Neurocore Brain Center, they are focused on you and only you. They run multiple tests and assessments to get down to the core of the symptoms you’re having. With their high technology, they are able to compute information that your brain gives them which able’s them to create your own specialized program that will work to improve your brain for a healthier long living life.

Neurocore it set up with very advanced technology! They are able to place sensors on the patient so they can keep track of the brain’s electrical activity. This is another option they do to help specialize the client their own specific program.

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