Understanding Cassio Audi’s Career in the Sector of Finance

Before delving into the finance world, Cassio Audi committed most of his time to the music industry. He was a self-sufficient singer with a well-known Brazilian band, Viper. Audi joined the group of four friends in 1985 where he worked as a drummer. He was also the team’s vocalist and lyricist besides conducting marketing for the albums. Audi’s band performed well. In the same year, Viper produced a demo album called ‘The Killer Sword.’ It contained music tracks such as Nightmare alongside Princess from Hell. Follow Cassio Audi at Facebook.

Because English was the band’s second language, most of their fans criticized their music and asked for some fine-tuning. The production team encouraged the group to maintain their vocals. They produced the first album called Soldiers of Sunrise after tuning the demo. They had just been adjusted to refine their quality. They received a four-star rating from Allmusic. The accolade encouraged Viper to venture into more music production. In 1989, Theatre of Fate was released. Cassio Audi’s curtains closed in 1990. He joined the University and then pursued formal employment in some of Brazil’s leading companies. Read this article at The Bro Talk.

After 23 years of experience serving in the financial industry, Audi has handled various issues in the sector. He is an investment expert and a financial adviser in areas such as private and public companies, multi-billion organizations, private equity funds, and start-ups. Audi is primarily known for specializing in resource management, accounting, and business planning, growth and strategy development.

Audi has a penchant for offering financial advice to emerging business professionals that have just set their eyes on the lucrative investment opportunities in Brazil. He reiterates that the principal investment idea for such individuals are putting their resources in low-risk dockets. Audi is also good at cultivating investor relations. Audi holds that seasoned entrepreneurs should take calculated risks before investing their resources in business. View: https://medium.com/@cassio.audi/one-of-the-top-financial-executives-in-brazil-e64c0e59f6b6

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