Wikipedia Guidelines for the Rookie Editor

Wikipedia has taken its rightful place at the top of the internet’s food chain, offering free and informational content to anyone who wants to browse it. Wikipedia has come a long way in the past 15 years of its life to make business Wiki pages and now the encyclopedia stands as one of the most visited websites on Earth and one of the most important. As one of the largest socially networked projects on the internet, Wikipedia is always gaining and losing members. Keeping an up-to-date encyclopedia on the internet while fighting vandalism and breaking news is a difficult task. Many people want to contribute in order to help out and to those folks we offer a variety of simple tips.

Edit Confidently
Most new users to the editing side of Wikipedia are almost immediately taken aback by the sheer volume of work that needs to be attended to. With over five million pages of data, there is always going to be something to do. Many new editors are also afraid to put their stamp on popular articles for fear of having their work thrown out or ridiculed. This is the wrong attitude to take. All editors are equal on Wikipedia so if contend demands an adjustment, editors shouldn’t be afraid to step up and make the change. Confidence should also extend to the quality of work, as well. Unless an editor is confident in their work, the content should not be submitted.

Remain Professional and Courteous
Working on Wikipedia is an interesting experience because it is both like and unlike an actual job. Editors will have to network with thousands of other users but they’ll never actually meet them face to face or have to answer to anyone specifically. With everyone being equal, it comes down to cultivating a healthy relationship for the job to get done. Keeping a professional and courteous attitude at all times is important in order for the work environment to stay positive.

Remain Unbiased and Impersonal
Many new editors want to use their position as an opportunity to try and sneak a personal page onto the website. This is not only ill advised but it is also against Wikipedia’s Manual of Style. Creating personal content directly defies the neutral point of view. For editors that have a legitimate claim to having their page online, they should consider hiring a company like Get Your Wiki. At Get Your Wiki editors can hire a third party to make a personal page that adheres to all of Wikipedia’s standards and regulations.