Working Together For A Common Cause

Today people are becoming more passionate about different things in the world. One of these things that touches people every day in politics and the political atmosphere in the country. Many people used to think that keeping up with the political news was unnecessary but the way the world is moving proves otherwise. It is not necessary to keep up with every single thing, but overall knowledge is essential. There has been a shift in attitude recently, and that means people are becoming more aware of what is going on. This change also allows people to express their feelings about the way politics and money go hand in hand. There will always be money in politics, but it is important to understand the way sponsorship for campaigns now work.

When the PAC was created, they wanted to have a say of how the campaign finance laws changed regarding how political campaigns are funded. It is now easier for people with deep pockets to help finance political campaigns. It might seem like simply financing political campaigns wouldn’t matter much, but it actually can change an outcome of a vote and an election as well.

End Citizens United started because people wanted to be heard and fight back. The average donation is just 12 dollars, but they just kept coming in, and people continued to donate. This way End Citizens United raised more than 11 million dollars from these seemingly tiny donations. It is important to note this fact because they put in a lot of work in networking and alerting people about the changes happening to the different legislation dealing with the finance regulations. The PAC wants to inspire people to educate themselves, learn as much as they can and become more active in their local councils and raise the issues that are important.

They believe in democratic causes and more transparency in local governments and Washington DC. They support democratic candidates and causes with their networking and their hard work. People are inspired because they now have someone listening and expressing the same concerns they have. It is also inspirational for those who would like to be more active, but their current surrounding environment is not well-suited for this kind of activity.

Finding other people who share the same thinking is very important. It is the best way to create a discussion within the society because there will always be individuals who disagree. End Citizens United wants to put their organization on the map so people know where to turn in case they support the same ideas and values and want to become more active within communities and later on a bigger scale. No task is too big if people get together and cooperate to achieve the goals they have.

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