Alliance Defending Freedom: Championing Freedom and Protecting Rights

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is a leading legal organization dedicated to defending and preserving religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, parental rights, and traditional marriage and family values. Founded in 1994 by Christian leaders, Alliance Defending Freedom has since grown to become the world’s largest legal organization focused on protecting these fundamental rights.  ADF firmly believes that religious […]

Unveiling the Power of the Warrior Trading Platform

Embark on a journey of financial empowerment with the Warrior Trading Platform. Revolutionizing the landscape of day trading, this dynamic software offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources customized for momentum traders, catering to both novice investors and seasoned professionals alike. At the heart of the Warrior Trading Platform lies the innovative Day Trade Dash software, designed to streamline […]

Edgard Corona: Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry with Smart Fit

 With over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, Edgard Corona has become a prominent figure in the world of fitness. As the founder and CEO of Smart Fit, he has  transformed the way people approach fitness and has spearheaded the company’s growth in the Latin American market.  Starting his career as a chemical engineer, Corona’s passion for physical […]

Rise of Smart Fit: A Fitness Revolution Led by Edgard Corona

 Smart Fit, founded by Edgard Corona, has taken the fitness industry by storm with its affordable and accessible approach to health and wellness . With over 1,200 gyms across 15 countries in Latin America, Smart Fit has become a leading fitness brand in the region.    Edgard Corona, a seasoned veteran in the fitness industry with over 30 years of […]

Expanding Globally: Strategies for International Growth and Market Penetration with Omaha Productions’ Jamie Horowitz

For businesses aiming to expand their reach globally, understanding the intricacies of international markets is crucial. Jamie Horowitz, the co-founder and president of Omaha Productions, known for producing the innovative Manningcast, provides a framework for how companies can navigate the complex landscape of global expansion. His insights into market research, localization strategies, and cultural sensitivity are pivotal for businesses seeking […]

Edgard Corona: The Visionary Behind Smart Fit

 Edgard Corona, the owner of Smart Fit, is a true pioneer in the fitness industry. With over 30 years of experience, his journey has been marked by innovation, transformation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Smart Fit , under his leadership, has become a leading fitness brand in Latin America, with a presence in 14 countries.  Corona’s entrepreneurial spirit and […]

How Edgard Corona, the Owner of Smart Fit, Revolutionized the Fitness Industry

 Edgard Corona, the visionary businessman behind the success of Smart Fit, has transformed the fitness industry with his low-cost gym concept. As the ow ner of the largest gym chain in Latin America, Corona has made fitness accessible to millions of people who previously couldn’t afford gym memberships.  Smart Fit, with its affordable monthly fees starting at just 59.90 reais, […]

The Examined’s Essential Health and Wellness Websites for 2022

In an age where access to accurate Health and fitness information is just a click away, The Examined has curated a list of the best websites to visit to enhance your overall well-being. From yoga and holistic living to plant-based nutrition and mindfulness, these platforms offer knowledge to support your journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. Yogi Approved is […]

Matthew Fleeger: Pioneering Leadership in the Oil and Gas Sector

Matthew Fleeger is a name synonymous with pioneering leadership in the oil and gas sector. As the CEO of a Dallas-based oil and gas exploration firm, the business leader has led his oil extraction company to unprecedented success through strategic vision and unwavering dedication to excellence. Fleeger’s journey in the industry began with his roles in Union Gas and Neumin […]