Kate Robertson: Spurring Global Change through One Young World

Kate Robertson, co-founder of the international youth forum, One Young World, is a force to be reckoned with. Steering a global platform, Robertson is
committed to fostering young leaders and giving them the tools to create lasting change. 

Founded by Kate Robertson and David Jones in 2009, One Young World has been recognized as a
platform that nurtures future leaders. With its annual summit, the organization
provides forums for dialogue, fostering young talent from all corners of the
globe. Over the years, it has been instrumental in shaping how young leaders
perceive and address global challenges. 

Kate Robertson’s vision for One Young World goes beyond just providing a
platform for young voices. She envisions it as a breeding ground for future
world leaders. Robertson believes the leaders of tomorrow are among the
ambassador community of One Young World today. This assertion underscores her
faith in the younger generation’s capability to navigate and solve the complex
issues of our time. 

It is Kate Robertson’s belief in the power of youth that sets One Young World apart.
Robertson emphasizes that young leaders, equipped with innovative thinking and
a global perspective, can make a significant difference. They are not just the
leaders of tomorrow; they are active change-makers today. 

In the words of Kate Robertson “Better leadership would change a lot of things. When the leaders of the
G20 are One Young World ambassadors, things will be better.” This
statement speaks volumes about her faith in the transformative potential of young leaders. 

It is this vision and belief in young leaders that makes One Young World a significant player in
global leadership. Under the guidance of Kate Robertson, One Young World
continues to be a beacon of hope for aspiring young leaders, igniting their
passion for positive change. 

In conclusion, Kate Robertson’s One Young World is not merely a forum for youth dialogue, it is a
crucible for forging the leaders of tomorrow. 

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