HX5 Reaches 1,000 Employees with Margarita Howard at the Helm

Margarita Howard, the CEO/President of HX5, has led the company through an impressive journey of
growth, expanding the workforce from just one employee to over 1,000. This
remarkable achievement is a testament to Howard’s strategic leadership and

Howard’s path to success is a story of determination and resilience. Growing up
in an environment where college education was not the norm, she faced numerous
obstacles in pursuing her goal of higher education. Limited financial resources
made it difficult for her to afford the costs associated with advanced
education. However, Howard’s determination pushed her to work long hours and
take on student debt to make her dream a reality.

Her college experience and subsequent joining of the Air Force laid the
foundation for her future endeavors.  

Margarita Howard’s strategic vision became
evident in HX5’s approach to establishing and growing the business. Recognizing
the risks of relying solely on single-source awards in government contracting,
she steered the company towards becoming a viable competitor from the start.

“I had a competitive edge and knew that HX5 should not be dependent on
sole-source awards,” Howard explains. She observed that many small
businesses in the industry faced significant challenges once their program
ended after nine years, as they had never competed or operated independently.
Howard was determined to build a company capable of sustaining and thriving on
its own.

Throughout her career, Howard’s track record of successful leadership positions
played a vital role in shaping her strategic decisions for HX5. She understood
the specific challenges presented by government contracting, such as compliance
with rules, regulations, and strict adherence to them. Howard emphasized the
importance of impeccable records when working with the government, due to the
compliance reporting and audits associated with government contracts.

As a woman in a predominantly male industry, Howard faced additional
challenges, including gender bias and stereotypes. However, she handled these
hurdles with professionalism and focused on the work and the company’s success.
She is proud to see women making significant strides in the government
contracting industry, although there is still progress to be made.

HX5’s commitment to
is exemplified not just in policy but also through the
majority of its management team being women. Howard recognizes the invaluable
contribution of her employees to the company’s growth and success, praising
their dedication and experience. The emphasis on sustaining growth while
adhering to core values guides HX5’s future under Howard’s leadership.

Margarita Howard’s journey as the leader of HX5 exemplifies visionary
leadership and sets a precedent for creating a diverse and inclusive work
environment in the competitive landscape of government contracting. The
company’s growth from one employee to over 1,000 is a testament to Howard’s
strategic vision and the dedication of her team at HX5. Read this article for more



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